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The Cozy Comfort of Eggnog Season

Seasonal products are hitting the shelves earlier every year, but this wouldn’t happen without reason. There is comfort in flavor. As the days get colder and the sun sets earlier in the fall and winter, seasonal products give consumers something to look forward to and creates a sense of familiarity. It could be the nostalgic smell, a family tradition, or indulgent tastes.

With winter holiday seasonal products already on the shelves, eggnog season is in full swing! Consumer demand for this classic holiday comfort beverage is on the rise. Retailers continue to merchandise eggnog earlier and, in more varieties, to meet consumer demand and interest.

Denali produces a premium, classic liquid eggnog base that is sold across the U.S. in many regional and private label brands. In addition to standard eggnog bases, Denali also produces customizable eggnogs based on your unique needs. Whether it’s cinnamon, pumpkin spice, or something far from in-between, Denali is prepared to meet any requirements.

For additional information on Denali’s eggnog bases, click here.