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Who are the primary customers of Denali Ingredients?

Denali Ingredients is a commercial manufacturer of food ingredients. Most of our customers are dairy processors who produce their own brands as well as co-pack.  We also work directly with brands and retailers, some with vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities.  Our ingredients primarily find their way into ice cream and frozen treats, however, many are integrated into other food categories as well.

What does Denali Ingredients manufacture?

Denali manufactures baked inclusions, such as brownies and cheesecake, cookie doughs and bits, flakes and barks, liquid chip, variegates, liquid eggnog bases, flavor bases, fruit packs and purees. We also specialize in stabilizers and texture systems.

What is the difference between a cookie dough or bit and a baked item?

Cookie doughs & bits are cold extruded with ready-to-eat ingredients, such as a chocolate chip cookie dough. Our baked inclusions are made from a batter which is baked in our continuous oven before being diced and frozen. Examples of these include baked brownies and cheesecake. Learn more about our cookie dough manufacturing process here. Learn more about our continuous oven for baked inclusions here.

What is a textured variegate?

Textured variegates are fat-based, often with textured crumbs in them. They set up firm in an ice cream and have some crunch from the crumbs. Learn more about all of our variegates here.

Will you make a custom formula for my products?

We are experts in custom formulations and love to work with customers to find the right product to suit their needs. With a custom formula, a 40,000 pound annual minimum will apply. If this will not work, we do manufacture a variety of products and may have a commercialized formula that suits your needs.

What is your lead time?

We will do our best to ship orders for commercialized items in 20 business days. New products do require an additional lead time.

Do you accept credit cards?

We do not accept credit cards. You may fill out a credit application with our accounting team or pay cash in advance.

Is your location a nut free facility?

It is not.

How does Denali Ingredients conduct research and development?

We have a staff of ten food scientists dedicated to research and development in our R&D Innovation Center. Additionally, we work extensively on studying trends and data to provide our customers with relevant insights.

Do you have small distributers that I can order your product from?

Denali has partnered with Dot Foods to distribute some of our popular items. Here is a link to learn more about setting up an account with Dot: Partner with Dot | Dot Foods

Can I order less than the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Your order will then be part of the larger production run, allowing us to satisfy your purchase request under the established MOQ.


You may reach out to our customer collaboration team to check on our order queue and see if the items you’d like to purchase are planned for production in the near future.

When will my order ship?

Upon receiving a purchase order, we will communicate the anticipated ship date and inform you of any delays.