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vanilla ice cream with chocolate variegate swirl on pink background with gold spoon


Variegates, also known as spins, sauces, swirls, or revels, add fun and color to the ice cream experience. At Denali, we produce a variety of fruits, chocolates, and fudges, and we’re the self-proclaimed king of salted caramel swirls (so, take it with a grain of “salt”)! Innovating in variegates is our passion, and our team is always working on ways to deliver new textures, flavors, and visual attributes to enhance our customers’ product offerings. We’re no stranger to keto and no sugar added, clean label, natural, and plant-based formulations. For example, we have developed a delicious non-dairy caramel!

denali chocolate variegate being poured over chunks of chocolateDenali produces two types of variegates: water-based and oil-based. Water-based variegates are, as the name suggests, formulated with water, and require a thickener. This is historically the most common swirl found in packaged ice cream. Recently, we have seen a strong growth trend in oil-based variegates, due to the potential for unique textures. Oil-based variegates set up firm when frozen. Denali’s R&D experts have mastered the art of oil-based textured variegates, too! A great example of this is our textured graham cracker swirl, which has the texture of graham crackers and sets up as a thick swirl in frozen dessert.

We have many variegates formulated for a variety of applications and specific trends. Our R&D team can help you select from our library of established formulations, or we can work together to create something new!

Variegates Information

  • Icon for Formulation Options

    Formulation Options

    • Custom (annual minimums will apply)
  • Icon for Packaging


    • Pails
    • Drums
  • Icon for Minimum Order

    Minimum Order

    • Caramels: 4,400-5,000 lbs
    • Peanut Butter: 2,200-3,250 lbs
    • Oil-Based/Textured: 2,200-3,250 lbs
    • Water-Based: 1,200-1,500 lbs
  • Icon for Customizable Attributes

    Customizable Attributes

    • Organic
    • Non-Dairy
    • No Sugar Added
    • Non-BE
    • Gluten Free
    • Vegan Friendly

Learn more about our variegates with a video from our R&D team: