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Denali Ingredients R&D Team Visits Tetra Pak Denmark Product Development Center for Extrusion Wheel Workshop

Members of the Denali Ingredients R&D team recently visited the Tetra Pak Product Development Center in Denmark for a collaborative workshop to better understand and improve ingredients developed for the Tetra Pak Extrusion Wheel. The visit was extremely beneficial to both parties to gain understanding of the equipment, ingredient functionality, and how we can develop products that are ideal for this application.

variety of novelty bars being examined after extruding with denali inclusions“Our goal is to be a resource for our customers,” said Dawn Manthei, Denali’s VP of R&D, “we are very fortunate that we have been able to work with Tetra Pak to better support our customers. We came away from this visit with valuable insight we have already put to use!”.


Denali is excited to be an informed ingredient supplier for products used on the Extrusion Wheel. Below is a letter of endorsement drafted by Robert Bohn, Sales Manager for Tetra Pak.


You can learn more about the Tetra Pak Extrusion Wheel here. If you’re interested in working with us on your next novelty project, please reach out to your Denali Account Executive or use our contact form!



To Whom It May Concern,


We wanted to alert you that members of the Denali Ingredients R&D team recently visited our Denmark Product Development Center for a collaborative workshop focused on improving and understanding New Product Development as it relates to the Tetra Pak Extrusion Wheel depositing device.


The Tetra Pak Extrusion Wheel gives producers the possibility to manufacture novel inclusion‐laden stick novelties at high rates of speed with improved stick and product positioning on the freezing trays, without the need for cryogenic cooling of the tooling. As a kind of “rotary extrusion depositing device” it creates different demands on R&D for stick product designers, compared to conventional wire‐cutting methods.


The Denali Ingredients R&D team, alongside the Tetra Pak Denmark Product Development engineers, focused on the following areas:

  • Mix design and texturizing strategies
  • Inclusion selection, sizing, appropriate volume usage
  • Variegate (ripple sauce) selection, volume and appearance


Successful product launches begin in the R&D lab. In an environment where producers need to be nimble and maximize available production time, having a knowledgeable ingredient supplier who can identify opportunities to improve your new product launch efficiency is more important than ever, we would recommend involving Denali Ingredients in your next new product development.