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Newstalgia Flavor Innovation Kit is Available Now!

The Theme:

Newstalgia: a feeling of desire to experience something familiar, but also fresh. This kit isn’t just a longing for the past, but a creative and playful engagement with it.

While tasting the six concepts and five inclusions featured in this kit, you will be transported back to memories of your past, while combining them with a new experience. You can download the tasting sheet here.

The Concepts:

The Softie: Soft Sea Salt Caramel Flavored Ice Cream with Dark Choco Flakes
Frosted Animal Cracker: Sugar Cookie Flavored Ice Cream with Pink Sprinkle Flakes and a Vanilla Wafer Swirl
Triple Chocolate Truffle: Chocolate Ice Cream with Baked Choco Truffles and a Salted Choco Fudge Frosting
Salted Toffee Crunch: French Custard ice Cream with Salted Choco Toffee Flakes and a Toffee Ribbon
Brown Butter Miso: Brown Butter Flavored Ice Cream with a Miso Caramel Swirl
Date Night: Mascarpone Flavored Ice Cream with Choco Flakes and a Red Wine Blackberry Sauce

The Inclusions:

White Chocolate Flavored Star Shaped Dough
Créme Brûlée Flake
Pretzel Toffee Bark
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Baked Corn Bread

If you’re interested in tasting the Newstalgia Flavor Innovation Kit, please reach out to your Account Executive. This is available until Wednesday, July 31 or while supplies last.