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Ice Cream Mix-Ins

Denali Ingredients offers four categories of ice cream mix-ins. Let’s deep dive into two of them: baked inclusions and cookie doughs & bits.

Baked Inclusions

Denali has a uniquely engineered continuous oven. The continuous baking process offers several advantages over traditional rack baking ovens. The enclosed, highly-controlled environment results in a product that is more consistent with less clumping. Denali’s continuous oven offers precision, with two different temperature zones that can be independently adjusted for the perfect ratio of crackly top to perfectly-baked center.

We have a variety of proven formulations ready for sampling or can work with you to create new items.

Learn more about baked inclusions on our Youtube channel

Cookie Doughs & Bits

We offer over 100 different types of extruded cookie doughs and bits. Cookie doughs are exactly as they sound – unbaked cookie dough – like a chocolate chip cookie or sugar cookie. Bits are the term we use to describe extruded pieces with other flavor profiles, such as extruded brownie bits or marshmallow bits. All of our doughs & bits are ready-to-eat, using heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs.

Learn more about cookie doughs & bits on our Youtube channel