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A Sprinkle of Teamwork

Denali Ingredients and OV Group, both part of the Orkla Sweet Ingredients team, spent two days together at the Denali headquarters in New Berlin, WI.  The purpose of the workshop was to collaborate to bring new and innovative inclusions to the U.S. market.

Both companies share similar values: innovation, collaboration, and care.


Last year in the press release announcing Orkla’s purchase of a majority stake of Denali Ingredients, President and CEO Neal Glaeser stated, “I am convinced that together we will continue Denali’s journey of growth and value creation.” The joining of companies was full of insightful communication and collaboration, with hours of strategy workshops.


During the workshop, some exciting decisions were made for the direction in 2024 and years ahead. More to come on that soon!


Not only does care go into every concept and product, but care is shared throughout the team members of Denali and OV Group. Denali was delighted to host team members from Germany, Sweden, and the UK and had a great time getting to know them more on a professional and personal level.

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Keep an eye on Denali’s blog page for updates on inclusions!