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Denali Ingredients and QAD Redzone

Recently, Denali Ingredients joined the QAD Redzone Community and brought manufacturing’s #1 workforce connected solution to our facilities.

Together, we launched Redzone’s Productivity Module, a solution that is geared toward empowering team members on the floor to win the day, every day. Production, Maintenance, and Quality teams are all learning how to execute shifts and runs in Redzone dashboards, emphasizing the importance of managing downtime and communicating effectively in the app.

“The Redzone implementation has already benefited us in just having an easier time connecting with our employees,” stated Nicole Carlin, Continuous Improvement Manager. “The interaction within the system and on the floor has helped us diagnose, communicate, and resolve issues more effectively. The data we are collecting real-time is already helping us to Win the Day and assisting us in our Continuous Improvement journey. Looking forward to continuing our Redzone implementation over the next few months.”

“While we are still in the early stages of using Redzone, we are seeing refreshed engagement from our teams and a new confidence around their voice, announced Miranda Martens, Plant Manager. “Change can be difficult to implement at any level in a company; our Redzone coach has not only prepared us well but continues to support us throughout our change journey. The potentials keep coming and make our days even more exciting than before.”

There is a lot of excitement around how Redzone will give the team real-time visibility of real-time data, helping us make decisions closer to the point of impact, and ultimately, driving continuous improvement through action on the floor.

We are excited to see what the future holds!

Denali Ingredients team members on a white background.

Denali Ingredients team members on a white background.