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Delivering Packaged Ice Cream & Novelties in New Ways

Looking back to the recent past, the range of ice cream and novelty package sizes and types was fairly limited. However, in 2023, there is continual advancement in ways to deliver new experiences in ice cream and novelties.


Walking the ice cream aisle, it’s easy to see the advancements in filling capabilities, such as the ability to deliver three flavors, Neapolitan style, in one carton, now with an inclusion and/or variegated swirl. Another example is creating a cavity and filling it with inclusions or variegate or topping off cartons with a ganache and inclusion. Even layered products exist today, rotating layers of ice cream with inclusions and variegates.


Novelties certainly have not been idle either. We have seen advancements in dipping, from layering of different coatings to partial dipping, to coatings with particulates, all designed to enhance the eating experience in some way. An elevation of fruit bars is evident – the types of fruit available in frozen novelties have greatly expanded, as well as the delivery of the fruit experience. There is also strong growth in regional flavors from around the world, particularly flavors from Mexico. An array of portion sizes have entered the market as well, whether on a stick or as poppables for controlled indulgence. Speaking of poppables, awareness of mochi continues to grow and it is widely available across the US in grocery stores now. We are now even seeing mochi-like ice cream balls wrapped in cookie dough!


Denali continues to support innovation in ice cream and novelties with new textures, flavors, and sizes in our inclusion portfolio. Our R&D team has developed new items such as caramel frosting, crunchy toffee and even a hot honey variegate. Please reach out to your Denali Account Executive or use our contact form to see how we can support your innovative concepts!