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Get the Scoop on the New Denali Education Series on YouTube

Denali Ingredients recently launched a new educational series on YouTube. As the ice cream industry continues to grow and evolve, private label ice cream buyers, ice cream co-manufacturers, and ice cream brands are looking to ingredients manufacturers for support in the product development process. The Denali Ingredients R&D team is experienced in developing an array of complete, unique product concepts and inclusions, from keto ice cream, to plant-based frozen dessert, to super premium ice cream with indulgent inclusions. Our new video series covers several topics relevant to the ice cream industry. Read more about each video below.

Plant-Based Frozen Desserts

Learn about the formulation of non-dairy frozen dessert mix and considerations for choosing fat and protein sources, such as coconut, almond, or even avocado. The video also covers stabilizers for non-dairy frozen desserts and formulating tasty inclusions (or mix-ins) for these products.


Ice Cream Mix-Ins

Ice cream mix-ins, or inclusions, are specially formulated to have the perfect texture in ice cream – to stay frozen in the carton but melt in your mouth. This video covers the formulation of cookie dough, flakes and barks, baked inclusions, such as brownies and cheesecake, and swirls and variegates. It also explains how inclusions and variegates are added to ice cream at a manufacturing facility.


What is Keto Ice Cream?

Keto-friendly foods are popping up all over grocery stores. The keto trend is growing rapidly in packaged ice cream, too, with several keto brands emerging and private label keto ice cream entering the market. This video covers the formulation of keto ice cream with topics such as replacing sugar, stabilizers for texture and mouthfeel, and keto-friendly inclusions.