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Eggnog Season: It Comes Earlier Every Year!

Fall is in the air, and that means eggnog season is fast approaching! Consumer demand for this classic holiday comfort beverage is on the rise. In fact, retailers continue to merchandise eggnog earlier and in more varieties to meet consumer demand and interest. Denali’s classic premium liquid eggnog base, known for its exceptional taste and texture, is sold across the U.S. in many regional and private label brands.

To indulge the more adventurous consumer, we have developed several natural flavor eggnog options, such as pumpkin and cinnamon. Eggnog is a seasonal treat, where the quality of the experience is paramount, and consumers are willing to pay a little extra for pure enjoyment.

Our R&D Team has extensive development experience in eggnog and is available to work with you to meet any requirements you may have in flavor, color and viscosity. Click here to learn more.